Frontier Field, Rochester, NY

On Saturday, August 3rd I went to my first EVER baseball game! I had a wonderful time! The home team, the Rochester Red Wings, won the game with a home run! Woooo! However I do regret not getting a photo of the group of students and Music Therapists who sang the National Anthem at the start of the game, they gave a wonderful performance!



You can see behind me the Frontier Field score board.


Here I am with a ticket stub, and a gentleman shared his lemonade with me! All the people in the seats around me were so nice!



The game had 3 extra innings and was followed by a musical firework display.

Here are some more photos I took while at the game: The Kodak building in the distance from our seats near first base; the beautiful sunset from the stadium; the pitcher; the Red Wings’ mascott, “Spikes;”  players recovering from a slide-in to second base; and more fireworks!


071 080

082 101


THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS! (German House, Rochester)

Friday, March 1st, Rochester, NY
I got to see one of my favorite bands in concert!


I even got their new album (official release is March 5!) and its autographed!! Happiest Gnome this weekend!!



20130303-220254.jpg They Might Be Giants have been a band for 30 years and going strong. Their concert was energized and fun, just like their music! John Linnell (left) played synth/keys, accordian and bass clarient. He and John Flansburgh (right) sang most of the vocals and John F. also played guitar. Here’s a few links to their music if you for some reason have never heard of them: